QCon London session now online….

Arjen kindly pointed out the other day that InfoQ has published the video and slides from my QCon London 2009 session with my colleague Stewart. I take full responsibility for my choice of shirt.

It was a great experience to spend three days doing nothing but listening to incredibly smart people talk about the things they’re passionate about in software. In fact, it was positively luxurious, and it really fired Stewart and I up to start getting a fresh current of ideas into our everyday work. I left wanting to learn Erlang immediately (Joe’s talk was a particular treat), to have my systems continuously available, to base everything on a web architecture, to do JIT architecture and, oh, everything all at once, even if the enthusiasms were mutually incompatible (write it all in Scala! AND Erlang! and Ruby!).

Of course, a set of unstructured enthusiasms does not a plan of action or a coherent system make. But all those sessions felt like a set of design patterns for approaches, rather than for software problems – and that’s a useful resource for anyone in any business.

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