The Missing Constant

Of course, in my last post I forgot the one true constant in IT: change.

I’ve never really understood the level of unhappiness that change can generate within IT departments, which are usually about driving through as much change as possible to the rest of the business. Now I understand graduate coders getting shirty about requirements changing, and I’ve put enough change management in place to understand why you do it. But once you hit a certain level of experience and professionalism, whether or not it’s Gladwell’s 10,000 hours, surely you ought to stop being surprised by change and start being prepared for it?

Tons of practical consequences from that. In a SOA, from a technical viewpoint, it means get your contracts right, understand forward and backward compatibility, understand how your users are binding to your services and make sure you give yourself some wiggle room, because you’ll need it. In a larger context it extends to your supplier relationships, the developers your recruit or source… and to pretty much everything you do.

Are vendors just moving industry IT forward from one steady-state to the next? I can’t help but think a lot of people believe that This Time Is Different….

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