I’m a fairly hands-on Java and SOA architect and developer for a FTSE 100 travel and transportation company. I spend my days with Java, XML, SOA, and a bunch of legacy systems you’ve quite possibly never heard of. I can read IATCI EDIFACT without a data dictionary, if I’ve had enough coffee, although in principle I also believe there is no such thing as enough coffee.

I’m interested in helping small and large teams, local and global, make meaningful deliveries to business. For me, that means communicating with humans as if they really are humans, managing relationships and stakeholders, getting the design right and not just the documentation, and keeping focused on the bigger picture. I don’t believe you can fool reality with acronyms or bullet points, but I do understand that showing direct early value to the business is key to building trust.

This is my personal IT blog. Nothing I say here is on behalf of my employer. What I say here may not reflect the beliefs or opinions of my employer. I cover the costs of this blog from my own pocket and do not accept advertising or endorse products or services in return for any compensation. If I’m speaking somewhere or think something’s cool I may well provide links, but equally I may not. I maintain a separate completely personal blog on which I do accept advertising through Google AdSense; I have no idea what Google uses me to advertise (it’s an experiment for me) but I do know it’s earnt me less than $10, which I guess means I’m not monetised to the hilt (or it means I’m one hell of a bargain).